So that you also know who committed this homepage, here I am:
My name is Udo, I was born in 1971, I live almost at the southernmost tip of Germany and I have hobbies like playing computers, films, music, video recording, photography and piano playing. Every now and then I relax in a thermal bath and try to keep in shape with Asian martial arts or fitness in a gym.

Sometimes I like to listen to gentle piano sounds by candlelight or to relax on the sofa with a nice cup of tea. My clothes are mostly black, although I am neither a Satanist nor a Christian. I just like to wear black. I am fascinated by vampires and other dark things.

If I had to write my philosophy with two sentences, these would be:

Enjoy every moment of your life, because every moment is as precious as life itself.

Do what you want, but don't harm anyone!

Portrait image
02-am Klavier.jpg
at the piano
03-im Winter2010-2011.jpg
in winter 2010-2011
04-in schwarz.jpg
in black
05-going out.jpg
going out
06-am E-Piano.jpg
on the electric piano
07-bei der Arbeit.jpg
at work
08-going out2.jpg
going out2
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