Pic: Filmstreifen
Time lapse

resolution: 512x288

aspect ratio: 16:9

format: MP4

size: 2,7 MB

Frame rate: 25 fps

duration: 15 sec


Time-lapse recordings are recordings in which a large time frame is shrunk considerably. Hours become a few seconds or months, years a few minutes. Depending on how much you want to shorten the time. You can use two different techniques. As far as the hard disk or the recording medium used, you can record several hours in a row and then accelerate it so much in the editing program that a few seconds come out. However, since the recording medium is generally subject to certain limits and it is also more economical in terms of storage space, the second method is recommended, in which individual images are recorded at a predetermined interval. Editing programs such as Adobe Premiere support such recordings by having an automatic picture for picture recording. You simply set how many pictures should be taken per second / minute / hour and let the whole thing run for a few hours. After the picture has been taken, all you have to do is convert the single-frame film into the format of your choice and you have a film that has been gathered in time.

I used the first technique in my sample film. I had my SLR camera record about 1 hour of film and I accelerated the film by 5000 percent. With time lapse you can see the cloud movements beautifully.

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